Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Agency Contracts With an SEO Reseller

An SEO Reseller provides search engine optimization service to digital marketing and e-commerce agencies that they, in turn, provide to their own clients. The agencies need this work done for a variety of reasons. The reseller program allows them to use the products and apply their own company brand. The process also is known as white label or private label SEO.

SEO Platforms

This type of SEO can include a broad range of services, such as link building, social media marketing and pay-per-click strategies. Research can be conducted on competitors and analysis done on results from different search engines. Their writers can be assigned the work of creating new blog posts every week or even more often.

Providing Specialized Expertise

The agency may seek reseller service if asked to work for a client in a field the team has little experience with. They don’t want to turn down the business, but they also want to be sure the project is completed satisfactorily. They might look for a white label service with expertise in the legal realm, for example, or in real estate.

Another reason e-commerce agencies outsource their SEO is because SEO is not an area they focus on. Although this may seem unusual for people outside of the business, it’s relatively common for digital marketing firms to concentrate primarily on other services. They have a narrower focus, but still want to offer SEO service for their clients. Some companies contract with one or more individuals to write blogs for SEO purposes, for example, while others contract with a reseller agency for a more full-service agreement.

Outsourcing for Success

The agency’s clients do not know that the firm is outsourcing any of the projects. This should not be an issue as long as they receive superb results. The agency must make certain that the reseller they contract with is known for highly reputable, stellar work. Otherwise, their own reputation will start to suffer. In contrast, selecting the right partnering team allows both business entities to shine at what they do best. The clients are fully pleased with their improved search engine rankings and site traffic.